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Why AllShe Academy


Give young women and business owners an economic advantage through financial literacy, networking, scholarships, and grants.


Connecting mentees from grades 6-12, college, graduate, and new small business owners with student leaders and experienced business owners who can provide guidance from experience. Equipping our members with knowledge and access to resources through networking and short informational clips. Facilitating yearly scholarship functions to raise money for scholarships and grants for business owners. Fostering a sense of friendship & community through volunteerism and open forums to discuss topics that are of need for mentees.

AllShe Mentorship (ASM)
Is p
rovided to approved members. In ASM, mentees can pick a mentor in their same Academic Studies, career path, personal interest, and business interests and meet/converse a minimum of 9 times throughout the year. Mentors are dedicated and experienced, hand-picked by admins, who have been assessed and have a firm understanding of their role.

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Meet the Founder

"I always said that God put me on this earth to teach people. After years of trying hobbies, I’ve finally decided to do what I love, and that’s mentoring others to be the best version of themselves. In 2021, I decided to form AllShe Academy,  an online mentoring site for women and young girls starting from high school all the way through college and their respective careers. My peers were begging me for months to start mentoring but I was always afraid that I wasn’t old enough or that I didn’t go through enough, and the truth is, I have, and God has blessed me and put me in positions to be able to give back to others for free." - Naomi M.


Naomi has been mentoring young girls since her sophomore year in college. She was a part of the First-Year experience program at the University of Texas at San Antonio which helped incoming freshman transition into college. She was an executive board member of a volunteer and women empowerment organization called Women of Honor. She was an active member and President of NAACP and continued to mentor and give back after she graduated in organizations such as Advocacy Now, where she mentored middle school girls in Missouri City, TX. She believes in the importance of teaching others and pushing people towards the best version of themselves.

Naomi Devorah


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