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Why do college students need career coaching?

Stress poses a significant challenge for college students across the United States. While certain students may have a clear vision for their future, many struggle with overwhelming uncertainty regarding their life's direction. The three primary sources of stress often revolve around selecting a suitable career path, choosing the right major, and securing internships and post-graduate employment. These aspects compound students' pressure, emphasizing the need for guidance and support during this critical phase of their academic journey.

What can a member expect. . .


Our non-profit offers a thorough needs assessment service for college students. Using interviews, surveys, and other data collection methods, our mentors gain insights into each mentee's unique circumstances and requirements, enabling effective support.


We provide implementation services to support non-profit clients in defining SMART objectives. Our mentors collaborate with mentees to break down larger goals into manageable tasks, creating a clear path to success. With dedicated guidance, mentees can achieve their goals and create a lasting, positive impact.

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mentor support

Our mentoring program goes beyond initial guidance by offering ongoing technical and programmatic support to ensure the mentees' long-term success. We understand that mentees may encounter challenges, require additional resources, or need assistance throughout their journey

Impact Measurement

Measuring mentees' personal and professional growth involves assessing their acquisition of transferable skills, career readiness, and overall personal development. This evaluation aids in determining the program's effectiveness in preparing mentees for future opportunities.

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