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Hi, I'm Naomi,
CEO of AllShe Academy

Experienced HR Generalist adept in talent acquisition, employee relations, and performance management. Skilled in fostering inclusive environments, I possess the knowledge to guide diverse college students in career development, offering valuable insights and strategies for success.

What Can I Do For You?

AllShe Academy aims to give young women & business owners an economic advantage through financial literacy, networking, scholarships and grants. Through personalized advice and industry insights, mentors empowering students, enhancing their employability, networking skills, and overall confidence for a successful transition to professional life.

Provide Guidance
& Purpose

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A career mentor offers personalized advice and guidance tailored to the student's goals, helping them navigate the complexities of the job market and make informed career decisions.



Resume and cover letter assistance: Mentors can review and provide feedback on resumes and cover letters, helping students highlight their strengths and tailor their application materials for specific job opportunities.



Mentors can conduct mock interviews, provide feedback on interview performance, and offer tips and strategies to excel in interviews, boosting the student's confidence and readiness for the hiring process.

Access Your

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Mentors can identify skill gaps and suggest resources or opportunities for students to develop and enhance their skills, increasing their competitiveness in the job market.


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Mentors serve as sounding boards for ideas and concerns, offering advice to navigate challenges and make informed decisions. Ultimately, the guidance of a college mentor empowers students, fosters growth, and prepares them for success in their chosen careers.

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Job Search

Mentors can assist students in developing effective job search strategies, such as utilizing online platforms, attending career fairs, leveraging alumni networks, and exploring internship opportunities.



Attending career events and workshops empowers college students by providing valuable knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities essential for their career journey, boosting confidence, expanding professional horizons, and equipping them with tools for success.

Organized and Efficient

Attending the career event was an absolute game-changer for me; the valuable insights, connections, and guidance provided propelled my professional growth, leaving me inspired, motivated, and equipped to pursue my dream career with newfound confidence.

Nicole B.


Dynamic and Innovative

A programs and events organized by the AllShe. Designed to generate discussion and deepen knowledge of career issues that increase awareness and understanding, and opportunities

Louis M.


Creative & Resourceful

The creative and resourceful fundraiser event I attended not only captivated my imagination but also effectively mobilized resources to make a meaningful impact on the cause we were supporting.

Karen L.


Let's Take Your
Career Journey to the Next Level

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