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Naomi was blessed and fortunate to be able to graduate college in 3 years with no debt and have a full-time job a few months after she graduated. However; nothing would prepare her for the cut throat, conniving atmosphere that she was thrown into once she joined the workforce. She relied on her mentor's advice, personal experience, and work experiences to get her through, and now she wants to turn her knowledge into a guide for young adults. Naomi states,
"I wish college offered a class on how to finagle the BS in Corporate America. Corporate America was a ball game that I was totally not prepared for. College also forgot to teach us that there are a different set of rules for People. Of. Color when it comes to "Corporate Politics". "
Past the B.S. aims to give young adults and people of color raw insight to what you might anticipate in the corporate world, along with juicy stories and life lessons learned only through experience from college to Corporate America.

Past The B.S.

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